Computer based MCAT

Hi everybody,
Did anyone take the computer-based MCAT or have you heard how it went? It is the only version offered in Europe now and I am nervous about taking it in this format. I have been doing the online Kaplan and when I do a practice test with a passage I usually end up printing it out so I can look at the passage on paper while I answer the questions, so I don't have to click back and forth between them (you can't have them open on screen at the same time). I'm afraid this will not be possible during the computer exam.
As a worse case I would have to come to the US to take the test but this is really impractical for me.

I don’t know how the Kaplan online test is formatted, but I DID take the 3R test online for free at this site (just requires registration). I was able to view both the passage and questions simultaniously. Since this is an ‘official’ AAMC site, I’d bet the formatting is similiar.

Thanks alot, I will check this! I had been saving the AMCAS practice tests for later when I had finished the shorter tests in Kaplan so I hadn't seen these yet.

Hi there,
It looks like the computer-based MCAT is only being done at specific test sites in Europe. I know that there are three in the UK, Paris and Munich. I am not sure if there are other sites. I guess the folks who are taking this exam in Europe are the beta-testers for getting this exam on the computer.
Having the option of taking the test on computer would probably put MCAT in the same category as the USMLEs and GRE. I was one of the first folks to take GREs on computer and it gave me some lattitude in applying for graduate school. I was also able to get my scores back sooner (immediately).
With USMLE, if you take the test early or late, your scores come back faster. If you take the test with a majority of folks around the second or third week of June for USMLE Step I and September-October for USMLE Step II, your scores take longer. I think that USMLE Step III is a little more random at this point.

The computer testing sites let you work at your own pace once you get the check-in stuff done. You still have the required amount of time but you can move onto the next section if you finish a section early. You don’t have that option with the paper exam. You will get a little dry erase board for making calculations and notes to yourself. No paper or pens/pencils are allowed and it turns out that you don’t need them.
Good luck with the beast and I hope that you get the computer option. I still like taking computer exam much better than the old paper and color in the bubbles.
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That would be an big advantage for me if the scores are released earlier, since I am already putting myself at a disadvantage by waiting until August to take the test. But I just couldn't get any time off work to study for the April exam so it just didn't work out.
I like to make diagrams when I'm taking tests so at least if I get a dry board I should be okay.
I'll have several options for the computer test - Paris, Munich or London - since I'm in Switzerland all are about the same distance for me.