Conflicted on when to apply/take mcat

So a little bit about me: recent graduate from UNC with a gpa in Econ of 2.92. I went to my community college for an associates In arts and got a 3.6 honors Gpa.

After I graduated I took chem 1, chem 2, physics 1, physics 2 over the summer and got all As except for physics 1 which was a B. I am currently taking bio 1 and orgo 1
Next semester I plan to take orgo 2 and bio 2 with a late may / mid June MCAT Date.
I have 200 hours non- clinical volunteer and 76 hours of clinical volunteer and 112 hours of shadowing ICU pulmonologist.
No research
Currently also in an EMT class projected to finish late next month.
Do you think my timeline is ok? Should I apply 2021 cycle?

I will share with you the advice I’m going by and using myself. Take the MCAT way before you are applying (probably between 6 and 8 months), especially if its your first time. I recommend this for multiple reasons 1) you want to give yourself plenty of time to retake it if needed 2) you don’t want to rely on your first and only try to be your submission MCAT if you’re paying for the application… especially considering if its under a certain number you might not make it through the filter (Goodbye money on app) 3) Im in a similar circumstance to yourself… I went through some things in undergraduate that made me question my skills as a student. I used the MCAT as a sort of “question to the universe” if you will. I told myself if I worked hard and still didn’t get above a 499 on my first try, this path might not be for me. Not saying the first try had to be perfect, but if I really applied myself, was I able to see potential in MYSELF. Im thankful to report I DID get above a 500 on my first try and feel that while I will be taking the test again, I feel like I have game in this path. Im not saying you should follow these steps exactly… obviously make yourself your own goals. I’m just saying how I used the MCAT and experience in a different way. Long story short, the sooner the better for many reasons.