Hi everyone!!! I’m new to this so please bare with me.

I’m worried about if my numbers/credentials won’t be good enough for medschool.

Reason being…

Got a 2.6GPA in my science courses (undergrad)

3.5 GPA score in my Public Health Master’s program

Registered to take my MCAT in May. will be taking either Kaplan or Princeton Prep course

So my question is should I apply for a post bacc program?

The reason for my reluctance is because I’m a mom raising my son with the help of family and friends in my city. It would be hard for me to move to another state without my support system.

Additionally, I’m currently looking for a job to support my son, and once I get a job,and get into a summer program, I will have to quit my job and start the summer program. But once the program is over, Im back to looking for a job all over again!!!.


Hey there!

Seems like you have quite a few questions here, some of which only you can answer.

The others may be a bit out of my league, but I’ll give it a shot.

I think that the reason for pre requisites is two fold; one for medical related subjects in your med school classes, the other for preparation for the mCAT.

Seems to me that a review would be in order for you, if your undergrad science gave you some trouble the first time around. The general concepts are important, as is the ability to understand the processes.

But, you have already signed up for the mCAT, so perhaps an MCAT prep course will be enough.

I’m not sure how your masters will affect your medical school application, you probably need to talk to an advisor. Seems as though it will be favorable, but I’m in no position to say for sure.

Finally, try to relax.

The journey is long, and stress is your enemy.

Good luck!

Artman was on the right track with his reply:

Your science course GPA is very low to be competitive. Instead of a formal postbacc, with your schedule u can try Do it yourself by getting the courses you need from nearby schools. But you would need to do that part time. My suggestion would be that being ready for the MCAT and application by next spring is highly aggressive. Additionally, you MPH will count very little especially in regard to offsetting GPA

Regarding post-bacc programs - some do not take students who are “grade improvers” - they prefer career changers.

I’m going to offer some actual structured advice. This isn’t the only way to go, but I’d like to “paint a picture” of a cohesive strategy that may get you where you want to be.

It’s January. Look for a job now. Most post-bacc programs that start in the summer were already interviewing before christmas. you may have till February to apply for some of them. Here’s the link to search what programs are local.

I think relocating to take one is premature. If you don’t have one near you that is realistic, then I’d set my eyes on doing part-time DIY. Sign up to retake some courses you need more structured refreshing on for summer and fall, maybe one in the spring. Do it partime, do it well. Spring NEXT year, prep for MCAT’s. Take them in about May, have your application finished and just waiting for your scores. Think about getting letters of recommendation from your professors as you take courses this summer and fall - sit down front, ask questions, go to office hours, try to GET it , not just get the grade. Hopefully you will make an impression. In the meantime, try to fit in some volunteering (in the public health arena would be great!). Next year in spring you will be prepared to be a much more competitive applicant. And you will still have a job to work at during your “glide” year till you start medical school.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Best of luck!!