Congrats to the 2004 NBA Champs.. Detroit Pistons!

Woo hoo!!! My Red Wings couldn’t do it this year so my Pistons took over. CONGRATULATIONS to the Pistons!! They showed that they are NOT some fluke. Look for us to be there for the next few years!! Woo hoo!!!

Heck yeah!!! Congrats to any team that can knock the Lakers out…and I mean KNOCKOUT!!! The Pistons took it to 'em very convincingly. That was a fun game to watch last night.

first 5 game sweep in NBA Finals history.

Even though I’m a west coaster, I’m a detroiter by birthright, So I was rooting. The people here in LA were just dumbfounded by this upset. Nothing like bringing back the “bad boys” magic of the early 90’s