I thought I would post this to all OPM members as a matter of general concern regarding companies that do not do “good” or ethical business. I have two companies to add right away! mad.gif
This national fitness chain was the site of my sexual assualt by an employee in June 2000. While the legal/criminal aspects of the case continue, you should be aware that I was one of 3 women assaulted in the gym. In addition, while discussing this case with the Richardson Police Department, I was told that they currently were dealing with two cases of sexual assault against children in the center’s child care area. While all of these cases occurred in the Dallas area, I believe it is of national concern, as the company immediately pressured all people involved to sign releases waiving their rights to suit against the company in order to receive a refund of their fees. In addition, they are sending company legal reps to the criminal proceedings, where they sit on the side of the defendant (whom they fired) and speak only with the defendant and his attorneys. There was never any apology, concern, or any type of overture made toward the victims. My worst experience after the assault, was dealing with the local VP, Bob Topper, who pressured me daily with rude phone calls. When approached by the local media, the company spokesman claimed to be on top of the situation, and put out on 800 number for call, and said they would contact parents of children in their facility. According to the Richardson Police, there was no follow up on that action, and the 800 number has since been disconnected. 24 Fitness members currently attending the gyms WERE NOT contacted. I had children in the child care center myself, and was never contacted. I do not believe 24 FITNESS is a safe place for women or children. If any friends or loved ones are currently members of any 24 FITNESS, please make them aware of this!! If you have any further questions, you may contact my direct email at

Another company to watch out for, is American Agencies, doing business as A-Affordable Insurance. This company undervalued our totaled vehicle by more than $1700.00, and when shown documented proof of this, referred us to page 10 of our policy, which states that we have to pay for any appraisal that is done in contest of theirs, and in any case, they do not give up their rights. This is one company I would steer clear of for automobile insurance!!