Contacted by Med School (???)

I have a follow up. So I emailed someone about this. And the reply was that I am not eligible for the MD/PhD because I already have the PhD. But I should apply to UAB straight MD (I also had mentioned stuff about me, including my 6 in VR).

So all in all, and as TicDocDoh had said, it is just a “mass email” sent to many folks. However I must say that the director of the MD/PhD was courteous enough to respond and seemed very kind (if that interests anyone).

I got an email from LECOM that sounds suspiciosly like a solitation today. Although I actully did sumbit my app there, it isn’t very specific.

Hi Bailey

so did I, so I guess it is just like you said and an email based the MCAT score. I am assuming you scored at least 30 or better.

Still LECOM seems interesting.

I thought enough of them from the Information Packet from ACOM, to apply. I have read mixed reviews about them, but I tend to decide for myself. Not my #1 choice in DO, but I wouldn’t say no if they let me in.

Haha, I also got the email from LECOM today. They are really working on their advertising!

I was beginning to feel left out of the UAB MSTP email crowd but I just got mine today.

Congratulations and welcome to the club!

So do you intend to apply?

So that email from LECOM looks more like advertising now that evidently DO schools didn’t get my application till the 21st

I do not intend to apply to UAB. I’m not interested in the MSTP route. Plus, I already applied to too many schools. I think I will choose not to complete secondaries for a few schools.

hi desert

too many? How many? Just curious.

Hope things will go well. The secondaries are coming in (like heavy rain).

Good luck and enjoy the process. Hopefully you will go through this only once, so that’s kind of a moment to really, really enjoy. I wish I could, but I will have to wait a bit more.

33 MD programs. 23 of those have automatic secondaries and 5 of them have no secondary or very easy ones. People have told me that is way too much and I agree a little but I am crazy and, like you said, I only want to go through this once.

Plus, a panel of Mayo med school students once answered my question “What do you wish you had done differently during the application process?” with “Apply to more schools.” So I am all in.