Content to practice transition

Hey guys, been struggling coming up with a study plan with the transition.

Here’s what I got:
Took these classes 5 - 7 years ago (graduating pharmacy school in a couple weeks). Figured I needed to refresh on everything considering, you know, that things like physics math are never used again once you finish that class. So I read through / took notes in book margins or composition notebooks.

After reading (*most of) the material once through I took a diagnostic (NS) and got a 507: 125, 128, 126, 128 (chem/phys; cars; bio; psych/soc)
June 1st MCAT.

Thing is when I look at my old notes, the amount I remember is pitiful. I feel such an urge to continue content, or at least work on flashcards or something, anything, to help me retain this stuff. Every day I spend a few hours doing questions on a specific chapter topic and then review the test/quiz. Then, I go into re-reading the content material on things I feel weak in. Resouces: NS, kaplan, EK, and all questions offered by AAMC. Also, doing 10 - 12 hour days consistently. Don’t worry about burnout, pharmacy school is a good way to build endurance.

Okay, so questions:

Do I say screw it and go head on into all day, every day practice mode? I’ve been hesitant to start AAMC material, wanting to save it till closer to test day, bad idea?
Do I do a mix? If so, proportionally, how much time should I spend on practice vs content (I know its student specific, but help me out here)?
If/when I study content, what have you found to be most effective? ANKI, re-writing notes, plain re-reading notes? This particular one is absolutely killing me, I feel like I’m stuck in mud because I can’t figure out the right way to go about this.

Thanks in advance