could I, should I?

My name is Dennis. Nice to be with you guys.
A bit about me: ACADEMICS: I have BA in Music (3.2), Master's in Library/Info Studies (3.5). PERSONAL: I am 31, married with two children.
I am currently the director of a music library at a large university in the South.
I never took hard sciences in HS or college. I think I got a B in Astronomy.
I'm really good at being a music librarian.
Why in the hell do I want to be a physician? I am still seeking that answer.
I first considered the idea when my wife had our first kid via C-section. I was facinated, at first, with the process of delivery and recovery. And watching your child grow and mature! How great is that?! Of course, we dismissed the notion out of hand. Craziness, I thought. I'm still not convinced myself. I am, as you may have been, considering all the amazingly complex issues involved.
A few practical questions…
Do med schools average your undergrad and grad GPAs together?
Does more recent coursework (esp. in sciences) count more?
Is a 3.3 good enough for med schools?
Thanks guys. Nice to be here and to know this forum exists.

I don’t have answers to all your questions, but I wanted to give you a library welcome! (MLIS, LSU 1992).
Your undergrad grades go in one “pot”, and your post-bacc grades in another. Not sure if grad school grades go into yet a third.
Your sciences GPA is also done separately, so doing extremely well in these courses can only help you.
I’m 39, a systems librarian in the Midwest, and just starting my science courses (I had the first semester of Physics mumble-mumble years ago). I’m starting with General Chemistry and having a blast. I never thought I’d say that, haven’t thought of myself as good in the sciences since I was a little girl, but here I am.
Take your time, think, talk to the nearest premed advisor, do some medically-related volunteer work, and see if you think this is right for you.
And welcome!

At 32, I am just beginning down the path of becoming a doctor. I took my prereqs 12 years ago and am in the process of retaking them smile.gif. And, AM loving it! I also didn’t see myself as ever being able to grasp the sciences, but I can’t believe how much FUN they are when you apply yourself (something I didn’t do as 12 years ago smile.gif ).
Anyway, wanted to respond about the post bac and udg GPA and AMCAS.
AMCAS figures your udg/postbac/grad separately and will give you a “GPA” for all three. However, your overall GPA (and SCI GPA) is figured using all udg work (including post bac work that isn’t at grad levels). Your graduate GPA is separate.
I have a 3.0 from udg, so am working hard in my post bac work (and even earning a 2nd Bachelors) in order to overcome my early college years (where beer and sorority were the most important things !).
If you have any questions at all as you explore the possibilities, please post! There are so many wonderful knowledgeable people here!

A bit about me: ACADEMICS: I have BA in Music (3.2), Master's in Library/Info Studies (3.5).

As a meaningless statistic--I heard recently that music majors have the highest acceptance rate to medical school among undergraduate majors.
Why in the hell do I want to be a physician? I am still seeking that answer.

That is an interesting question I ask myself as well. I tell myself that it fits what I believe is my life's mission (to be a healer) and that it fits my best skill (find the root of the problem) and that it fits my Meier-Briggs-ENTP personality by giving me new challenges every day. Other times I think I am just on a big selfish ego trip of which I need to be freed.

Well, I hope the answers to your questions come out positively. My undergrad GPA was 3.37, my post-bacc much better, and we'll see this year how I do in the rest of the sciences (my first semester of chemistry went really well.)
Oh, and I'm a 39-year-old systems librarian. LSU, 1992.