COVID-19 and my SMP

I have thankfully stumbled upon this forum and happy to be around those in similar situations! So on to the question: I’m sure we all listen to Episode 382 COVID -19 and the PreMed Process. I was wondering what were anyones thoughts on if they would view SMP or 1 yr formal Post-baccs as having “less merit” since everything was switched to online?? I know he addressed changes in the process several times from what seemed like a more traditional students predicament (maybe in the midst of undergraduate courses with several other UG courses and labs before and possible some after). What about those that will only have 30-40 credit hours from a formal Post-Bacc or SMP ment for GPA repair and now 15-16 of those credits are now “online/e-learning”? Is this a valid concern or am I just freaking out due to “social distancing”?

Hopefully somebody else in an SMP can comment. I wish we had more input on SMPs as a whole because it’s somewhat of a mysterious topic for a lot of us and sdn generates a lot of fear mongering about them yet they remain a viable option for some of us. I don’t see how they can hold that against you though, as you’re in the same boat as the majority of other applicants with online courses. One thing I didn’t think about until now is that the medical schools themselves (at least the one in my town) have shifted to online as well. How can they hold something against you that they are experiencing/practicing as well. I wouldn’t worry, it’s literally out of your control at this point