Current BME Ph.D. candidate interested in pursuing an MD

Hi everyone! I am a third-year biomedical engineering (BME) doctoral candidate who’s interested in pursuing an MD after I finish my Ph.D. I have talked to my advisor about this, and he seems to be fine with my decision. I assume it has to do with him having an MD-Ph.D. My grad GPA is 4.0, but my cumulative undergrad was 3.43, and my science GPA was 3.08. I was also a former community college (CC) student and did poorly during my first two years. However, in my third year of CC, I received straight A’s and then transferred to a 4-year undergraduate institution where I majored in BME and got 4 B’s and 25 A’s (I aced all of my BME courses). My question for you all is how might medical school admissions react to me applying for an MD after completing my Ph.D. with not so high undergraduate metrics? I also have extensive clinical experience and research hours (undergraduate and Ph.D. experience).