D.O. schools MCAT range?

Hello Fellow OPMs, does anyone have an idea of MCAT ranges for DO and/or MD caribbean schools? I am wondering if I should retake the MCAT and/or apply to DO?

Just looking for other similar experiences while I figure out my options.

I took the MCAT and did not score as high as I hoped. I don’t think I can retake until Jan 2011 but already submitted primaries for 2011. I think if I retake in Jan. I would delay my application to 2012 cycle. I guess one more “lag” year can’t hurt. However, my wife and I were planning to start a family soon and wanted to matriculate Fall 2011.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

Link to AACOM 2009 Entering Class Data

At WVSOM this year, I believe 24 -27 was common score range. Higher up into 30-35 range, some a bit lower.