Database Error - Trouble Logging In

If you are having trouble logging in - I did all day -

Here is what I did to finally get access tonight:

  1. Clicked the login button

  2. Typed in login information

  3. Clicked “Remember Me”

  4. Clicked Login button


    All day I’ve not checked the Remember Me button and it would say logged in, briefly show my Welcome, Adoc2be, Logout with a smily face, only to then dump me back out to login screen.

    The above procedure fixed this for me tonight.

Bump - database error showed up again

From the looks of it, they are going to need to repair some of the tables on the sql database

REPAIR TABLE ./oldmeds1_fusion/fbb_sess ions

or with phpMyAdmin

Should do the trick, but the Admin might already know this.

I couldn’t log in either and sent an email then saw Adoc2be’s post and clicked on remember me and here I am.


Yep, I happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Any official word from the admin?

  • Cesar Said:
Any official word from the admin?

I don't think there's ever an official word, it just gets fixed. First time I had seen this error was in November (been here 3 years, I think?!?! )

I suspect, it will get fixed again

I just fixed database error.

Please log in and report back any issues


This time it worked fine.