Day 1 of Summer Semester, and I'm already tired...


I started summer school today, and I’m going to attempt to squeeze a class into my work day (loosely over lunch, but longer). My manager is going to be flexible and allow me to do this, and my professor is going to be flexible and not make attendance part of my grade…So I feel pretty lucky. I was 20 minutes late to class today because a conference call (that I was running) with some physicians and hospital liaisons ran late. Nice way to start class, huh?? And I got a parking ticket on campus, because I’m driving my brother’s car (my transmission is being fixed) and had no parking sticker. LOL I have to laugh, because it’s just par for the course!

But still–I am walking that fine line of balance between a job (that I absolutely must keep for another 2 years) and my med school pre-requisites that I can’t always take at night. So I’ll be missing class (which I hate) at least once a week, and I will be teaching myself all this material. Fun times…

I’m sure I’m not alone… This is the crazy schedule and life of an OPMer, and we just make it work because we want it badly enough, right?

So cheers to each of you taking this plunge in spite of adversity and logistical nightmares and just plain making it work.

Just wishing anyone who is starting summer classes the best of luck–it will be over almost as soon as it starts, so just hang on and enjoy the ride!! One more thing to mark off the list…

Just curious what class you’re taking? I personally took the summer off for a variety of reasons (not the least of which was preventing burnout after working full time and taking 14 CR + research last semester) but I’m interested in what coursework others are choosing for their summer tortu…errr…classes.

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I started summer school today, and I'm going to attempt to squeeze a class into my work day

Good luck! I don't know why, but I hated summer courses more than anything else. I felt like I was getting a break last summer when I "got" to study for the MCAT instead.

I’m overlapping terms at NEIU and Northwestern. One last test at NU and I’m done. Presented a paper tonight after being in the lab for 7 hours. Still standing! NERD POWAH!

Nerd Powah INDEED. That’s awesome!

I did think about taking a break this summer, but I just can’t afford the time. I’m taking Gen Chem II–and the way this professor teaches it, I think the summer term (10 weeks) will be just perfect. He’s really a “meat and potatoes” kind of teacher… so “here’s the critical stuff” and none of the fluff. It’s 3 hrs a day, 3 days a week–so I’m just coming in early and leaving late to make up for lost work. I’ll have my nights free to study and read ahead, so I think it will work out pretty well.

The hard part about last semester was that I was in class at night and at work during the day–so I couldn’t even start studying until 10pm at night… that was exhausting! (I’m sure some of you can relate to that!) But this class wasn’t an option as a night class over the summer, and I’m actually glad. Days will feel so much better, because I won’t have to sacrifice time with my daughter, AND I have time to study at night. Win/Win… and I’m so grateful to my employer for working around my school schedule.

(I personally think he knows that if he helps me out, I’ll be gone faster…he doesn’t like me much because I am his moral conscience… heheh.)

I needed Gen ChemII this summer so I can take Organic Fall/Spring–otherwise, I’d be set back a whole year longer… This way, it all works out.

I actually found a 4-year university about 20 mins from my office that is offering physics on MWF from 11:30-12:30 in the fall/spring–so I will just go get it done over lunch and have one less night class. VERY cool.

I have a feeling the summer is going to FLY by. First exam is already coming up next Thursday–but luckily, this first round of material feels like review of some Chem 1 stuff.

The other thing I’m considering for the summer is volunteering in one of my company’s hospitals, and also visiting the two medical schools that are first on my list. I hear that summer is a good time to do that, because they are less busy…

Onward and upward!!

Ah, fun. I had a great teacher for Chem last year, so it seemed less like work than it might have to many. I’ll pass on a warning that he gave us “same effort in Chem II = one grade lower than Chem I”. The 73 I got on my first exam certainly bore that out! Good times. I brought it up to an A average by the end of the semester, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind that there is a decent jump in difficulty between the semesters, more than you might see in some other two semester courses. Plan your study time appropriately

Thanks for that tip–I will DEFINITELY keep that in mind! Man, I can already tell that having those nights free is going to make all the difference. I can sleep AND study (not at the same time.) What a novel concept!