DC Locals

It seems there are a few of us in DC and I (of course) lost everyone's contact information who gave me any.
Am a little dazed at the moment but had this idea that I wanted to start a topic for people in DC.
And if anyone has Andrea from Minnesota's email address and wants to email her with my address or me with hers…
Thanks and it was great meeting all of you!

You can reach me at svanderwall@hotmail.com. I also posted something on another thread about getting together once a month.

You can reach me at uts@georgetown.edu or unsun75@yahoo.com

Hi Folks,
I am 100 miles south of DC and get back there quite often. Mary R and I have been doing the “old girls network” thing when she is not swamped and I am not swamped. We should be getting this tradition back as soon as third year ends for her and PGY-1 year ends for me. I love the drive up to the DC area so e-mail me if we get something going.
Natalie cool.gif
Sleep deprived and cranky <!–emo&<_dry.gif

Yeah, what Natalie said. Especially the cranky part. (NINE MORE DAYS of ob/gyn rotation… )

Even though I'm up in Baltimore, count me in. I'll be down in San Antonio for the next month, but after that I will be back home.

I'm a DC local. I work at Walter Reed, and I am starting med school at USUHS in August. I live in Northern VA.

Hey Nat & Mary – are there any dates in July that might work for a get together?

Ohh… as a side note… if any of the DC locals have any interest in playing softball, I comanage a team. We play on the Mall, most games are Wed nights around 6:00ish. Let me know!

Damn! I am jealous! Wish I could join y'all for softball!!

Damn! I am jealous! Wish I could join y'all for softball!!

Especially the BEER part, right Dave? biggrin.gif
Alyson, I dunno if I'll be available in July. Currently I am planning to take Step 2 late in the month, and I'm already fudging on my dates because all the "free" time I've set aside for studying is getting filled in with ... STUFF. So my schedule oughtn't to be the rate-limiting step in planning an outing. Rather, if folks come up with a plan, a place and a date, I'll do my best to get there.
QUOTE (Calvin -- in a box by the river @ Jun 16 2003, 12:21 PM)
Hey Nat & Mary -- are there any dates in July that might work for a get together?

Hi there,
I will be in Salem, Va at the VA until August 1. I will get a complete weekend off but I don't know which one yet. I am on call the weekend of June 28-29 so I should be backup or off the next weekend.

Let us all know when you think you'll be around!
How does the second weekend in August (say 9 or 10 August) look for everyone?

OMD – You are always welcome to come play with us! Weds on the Mall!

count me in for any DC area get-togethers (hey Tara, maybe we can carpool down together from Baltimore!)

August probably works for me. I won’t know my schedule on that month’s rotation until it starts 8/5 but I have gotten the impression that it’s pretty flexible. I’ll “save the date” for now.

That is the weekend of my highschool class' 15th reunion (I was on the committee for most of the year). We have events Friday night and Saturday night. Sunday would be fine for me though. And Yes, Beth, I would be more than happy to carpool with you :slight_smile:

Hello! I’d love to play softball so let me know when the practices/games are. It’s been a disappointing sports season–my volleyball team flaked out on me and we forfeited half the games! Grr…
My soccer games keep getting cancelled b/c of rain so I suspect softball is hard to play too. But, I’m usually free on Weds. night as my soccer games are usually on Tues./Thurs./Fri. nights. I’m so tired of the rain already!! I might not make it tonight or next Weds. but July/August are wide open so let me know.
Plus, I’d like to see everyone again. biggrin.gif

i'm in dc too. leahgold@tidalwave.net
Leah Gold
premed forever??

July or Aug I’m free most of the time cuz I am still in the process of full-time job search. I may work as a cardiovascular tech at Fairfax hospital hopefully (I’m keeping my finger crossed). Well, I guess I picked a sucky time to graduate. A slow economy, war w/ Iraq and massive lay-off were my “welcome to the job market”. But it’s alright. I am enjoying the beautiful DC weather this week. smile.gif I would love to see everyone again soon.