Decision Time

Sorry if this seems to be a repost. I replied to a different topic, but then have this topic for the general topic since I wasn’t sure if people see it.

So, forgive me and here it goes.

I’m preparing to take the famous mcat this summer. I’m almost ready. Graduated college about 8years back. So, that means that my physics and chemistry are a little dated.

I recently took orgo 1 and 2, 1 symester of biology at a local community college because I didn’t know about all these post bacc and BMS and I still don’t.

The thing is that I am on a second tour of my review books and feel like I’m ready for this MCAT thing. I feel like though I might not have all the pre-reqs (one more biology), I should go for it.

My biggest concern though is this:

the biology ( 1 symester), orgo 1 and 2, were all taken at a community college. My physics and chem were taken also at a community college before I transfered to a 4 year college which I since graduated with a degree in engineering.

Am I at a disadvantage because those weren’t taken on a 4 year school?

Would school’s look down on those? Should I retake those? What is my best course of action?

Tonite, I’m doing my last chapter on chemistry review and starting biology immediately. My game plan is to take the mcat come July. How big a crazy am I?

Please help.