Difficult Premed case,,,HELP !!!

Hi All,

FIRSTABLE: I would like to say THANKS to everybody who makes possible this way of communication-website, I feel so lucky and pleased that I found it just when I was about to GIVE UP.

I have a very difficult case here, I am hoping that someone may be able to help me or point me to the right direction.

Here I go,

Just like many cases here I always wanted to be a DOCTOR. There were so many things that changed direction of my life.

I lost my parents when I was a kid so I did not have any orientation or support. I tried so hard on my own in order to survive, I have been involved in many health related activities, like Paramedic at the Mexican Red Cross and member in the disaster team at my company (First-Aid/CPR/Health related) also my family is very involved in the medical field as well.

After all, I got graduated from a recognized Mexican University and I am currently holding the equivalent of US Bachelor’s of Science on Computer Systems, This is according to a evaluation and transcription of a US Agency.

I have been working on the IT field for about TEN years but how ever the thoughts of being a DOCTOR comes back to me almost every day. I have been living in USA for about 11 years already and I am the best professional in my company in regarding knowledge and performance.

I have been wondering about the chances for me to get into a Medical School.

I am 35 years old. I would like to save as much time possible but I am willing to do whatever it takes to get into the field.

My Mexican Bachelor’s GPA is 2.9…Is it to low?

I want to get into premed program and get the best GPA (I think I can do it).







There is no favorable wind for a mariner who does not know where to go !!!!!!!!!

It can be done. Go back to school. Start now! You can definitely prove yourself.

Start by speaking with an medical school advisor at a local 4 year college. However, don’t let the advisor discourage you because of your gpa. Grab hand-outs about the course numbers of classes you will need to take.

Sign up for the prerequisites if you haven’t taken them or if it has been more than 10 years (for some med schools) since. Try to do well in those classes and the mcat. If you have the opportunity, take some advance Biology, Chemistry class to demonstrate to the prospective med schools that you will be able to handle their first 2 years of academics. Keep in mind that you are trying to ace these classes to boost your gpa.

Good luck! You can do it!

Hopefully by taking your prereqs you’ll raise your GPA to ‘above 3.0’ (some schools might not even cosider lower GPA). There are people on this forum who had much, much, much lower GPA and made it into med school and are succesful physicians right now. So it’s not an issue.

I’m not sure though about your Mexican Degree. I had a degree from a foreign country, and I decided to come back to school in the US and get another degree. I just didn’t want to have to jump through extra loops, and I knew that not having a degree from an American university might have put me in a disadvantage. I know some schools require at least 90 credit hours taken in an American institution… but I don’t know details on that. I think your best bet would be to call few admission offices in schools you might be interested in and ask what their stand on foreign degrees is.

Welcome to the website and Good Luck!


Greetings and welcome to the community! I would tell you exactly this, your never to old! It really comes down to how badly you want something.

It sounds easier than it is. However, I would never allow someone else to dictate to me what I can, and cannot achieve. This is your decision. You can overcome your GPA, it will not be easy, I don’t think anyone will tell you otherwise, and if they do, their wrong. My best personal advice to you would be to ease back into the classroom and gradually increase your own confidence in your ability. The most important thing you can have at this time, is self-confidence. Afterwards when you receive your first A, then you can see on paper the fruit of your work and efforts. Though many more will need to follow, but do not rush your classes and remember, these are not the Olympics, your competing against nobody else. You can do this, there are many others besides you who have had GPA obstacles to overcome…Again, I echo, how bad do you want this?

There are many obstacles that come our way in life, and between us and our goal. But it’s how you decided to percieve them and responds to the adversity. This is not an easy task, if it were there would be no need for such sites as this. I for one am glad to have stumbled upon this site for many of the same reasons you and others are. We can all encourage each other, and become supportive and give all the advice in the world, but when you walk into a classroom, it’s all on you.

My point is that you can do this, or anything else you want. It still boils down to your want and desire. Do you have it?

I hope you will keep us informed of your progress and success’s. This is an outstanding community who has many resources at their fingertips and I have found everyone is more than willing to help out when they are able.

Best of luck to you, and do keep us abreast of your journey!