Hey all,

Its been a while since I’ve posted on here, but Ive been lurking on the website for a few days and felt the urge to post on here.

As the title of this topic says, I’m extremely discouraged. I blew my entire last semester thanks to a number of reasons, and my transcript is ravaged with not so nice looking grades. Not only from last semester but from years ago.

So now my summer classes are upon me, and a large part of me doesnt even want to bother. I see people on here upset about 3.89 GPA’s and I cant even swing a B in Orgo. I feel like throwing in the towel.

I’m not trying to rant, I’m just looking for some sort of insight or even motivation. Maybe in addition to my jobs and class, I can spare some time on sundays to volunteer? I still feel incredibly motivation to do SOMETHING.

Thanks in advance.

I am sorry that things did not go as planned at this time.

Rather than volunteer, the most important thing you can do is work on your grades. A one grade misstep is not the final nail in the coffin. If you can recover and have the rest of your grades be great then the recent hiccup will be seen just as that.

Once your grades have stabilized then sure volunteer but first work on your grades.


well i wish i could say that it was just one grade anyway though, you’re probably right, I should focus as much as I can on pulling through the summer semester with the best grades that I can get.

Boy oh boy what a rollercoaster…

You need to remember that life happens. Adcoms know this too. Remember, your transcript will show everything. So one mediocre semester is not horrible. Continued mediocre work is.

Good point. I’ve been thinking though and i might just go ahead and retake my pre-reqs. My pre-reqs are from like 5-7 years ago…If I retake, this will add a whole chunk of time to my journey, but it’s no race right?

nope. a marathon and not a sprint. There is only 1 timeline that matters, yours.

Yeah, don’t stress about it. I’m just starting classes this summer…finally. In a perfect world, I would have started last fall, and been taking the MCAT this Spring. I’m a year behind, but full steam ahead.

I have some “not so nice marks” on my old transcripts, but I can only hope that work done here on out will help make up for them. What else can I do but try.

I had a bad semester this one too. I’m disappointed but I can’t change it now, so I just have to focus on the road ahead. And be a better student next semester.

yes i need to stop feeling sorry for myself and my lame-o grades, I need to stay positive and just forge ahead. Its just hard to not let emotion get in the way…

I’ll have to suck it up and probably just go ahead and retake my pre-reqs over time. I just hate the fact that I cant be “that student” with the shiny 3.99 GPA. I work too hard to have a 2 something… there, i said it.