DIY at University of Minnesota

I am embarking on a DIY approach to my medical school pre-reqs at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. I will be enrolled as a non-degree seeking part-time undergraduate. (I already have a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology from Loyola Chicago) University of Minnesota does not have a first come first served open enrollment for any of their undergrad courses. My concern is as a non-degree seeking undergrad that I won’t have access to the Science with Lab courses that fill up very quickly. Now here’s my question… Does anyone know of a good contact at University of Minnesota to discuss this with? Have any of you oldpremeds attended University of Minnesota?

I can’t speak generally for University of Minnesota, but you don’t necessarily have to enroll as a non-degree seeking student. When I went back to do my classes, I enrolled as a degree-seeking postbach student (even though I won’t complete a degree), which gave me scheduling priority. Going this route will also get you access to financial aid, if needed, where the non-degree seeking route won’t.

This probably doesn’t help your immediate situation, but you might consider re-applying in your next semester to change your status.

The U of MN is well aware of non-trads trying to take the pre-reqs by enrolling in a degree seeking program to get the benefit of:

  1. enrollment status

  2. health insurance benefits

  3. financial aid

    One needs to be very careful at the U…

    As an alum, I was well networked into the system before I started my DIY there; my game plan well laid out (execution of said game plan has hit some speed bumps but nonetheless…)

    If you should check here, I’ve sent you an email from my private account.

    Minnesota hats off to thee!

    Goooo 'Sota

I’m headed back to the U of MN in January. I’ll be in a degree program though since I never finished the language requirement for my BA.

For full classes they sometimes have waiting lists and for the lab classes, if someone doesn’t show up to the first lab, they lose their spot. I would suggest contacting the professor of the class you’re interested in to see if there is a list and also showing up to the labs on the first day - especially the early morning ones. It seems like there is always at least a couple people that don’t show. For some classes the professor can give you a permission number to register even if the class is full.

Which classes are you trying to get into? If you’re flexible with times, I would think you have a pretty good chance.

Not really sure how to go about your classes, but I can offer some helpful hints.

No matter what you’ll want to get in touch with the Academic Health Center, its located in Moose tower, right to the right as you walk in from Washington AVE.

They will be able to be a big help to you.

If you have time, take the future physician courses. The first is a history of medicine, its pretty straight forward. The really meat and potatoes is the second course. Every class they have doctors from a different field give a presentation. Hello networking!

Also get involved with Pre-Med AMSA, its been about a year since I was involved there but its still a fantastic club and will give you TONS of opportunities.