DIY Post Bacc Course Help! Trying to decide between university or CC course

Happy New Year, everyone!

I’ve been back on my journey to become a physician since taking the suggestion from SDN in April to start a DIY post bacc. Any advice is really appreciated! I am currently doing GPA repair (uGPA:2.73 in 2015) to get into an SMP or maybe a DO school if I do better on my MCAT this time (503 in 2019). As of right now, assuming I keep up the pace for the rest of wintermester, I’ll have 19 hours of 4.0 (9 at university: Immunology, Drugs and Behavior, and Bacterial Physiology and Antibiotics) of the 24 I need to bring it to a 3.0. Next semester would bring it to 35+ depending on the classes.

I’m enrolled in these classes next semester and also plan on retaking my MCAT in June which I’ve begun preparing for.
Currently Enrolled:
Virology (UTA)
Brain and Behavior (UTA)
Biochem 2 (UTA)

Microbio and Intro to humanities at the local community college.

Deciding between:
Dropping intro to humanities for AP2 at the community college (Currently in A&P1 for wintermester)
Dropping intro to humanities for another Upper level biology course at UTA.

Would there be any extra merit in taking just another upper level biology class at a university vs AP2 at CC in the eyes of the adcoms?
Would it be realistic to apply this cycle in May?

Thank you, guys!

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It’s my understanding that med schools often prefer that most of the pre-reqs are taken at a 4 yr university. However, most med school websites I’ve been on will accept coursework from any accredited college or university. I think taking intro to humanities at a community college would be OK. If you go the CC route (especially for science classes), I’d check school websites and/or contact admissions staff to ensure they will accept the CC class.