DIY post bacc question

Hi everyone, haven’t posted here in a while but this forum has been so helpful and encouraging.

Quick question about post bacc coursework -

I’m currently in a PhD program in biology, and have been taking upper level coursework and doing well, but I need to retake the pre reqs. I should be able to take a few of them here while I’m a grad student. I thought to take the rest at a community college but have decided against it and am rather considering a ‘DIY’ post bacc.

So - is it better to register as a non degree seeking student (which for some reason has a number of restrictions at nearby universities) or to register for a part time degree program, take the courses and withdraw from the program when they’re done?

Why do you have to retake the prereqs? Just wondering. Some schools require them within a certain time frame, others don’t. Even still, it doesn’t have to be a 100 level class to meet the intent. It may be easier to self study for the mcat vice retake. I think some schools would also prefer you take upper levels instead of retaking the lower ones (unless you’re doing grade replacement).

Aside from that though, I took 4 classes as a non degree post bacc. 3 were through a school that had a rolling enrollment for online work, so no issues. The 4th was through a normal school and I did sweat a little that classes would be full before they let me register. Normally med schools won’t let you withdraw from a program without raising red flags, but I think that really only applies to post grad work.

You may want to put out some feelers to schools you’re interested in to see if your prior work meets the requirements. I finished some of the prereqs in 2000/2001 and was accepted at a school that “prefers” them done within the last 10 years. I do know that at least Duke (I’m sure others) have a strict 5 year limitation.

thanks for your reply, and good question -

I’m a foreign student, and received my bachelors in my home country. The coursework needs to be done in the US I believe. (Also, my grades were pretty sad freshman year, then improved significantly). I expect to be a US permanent resident by the time I apply, otherwise I almost wouldn’t even bother trying


I am also foreign graduate and interested in medicine. I am looking for post bach. pre medicine course. Most of post bach is very expensive. Where are you doing pre medicine course? Can I take pre medicine course in community college??