DNPs are now called "Doctor" in clinical settings?

Notice the qualifiers. What I said was factual. ARNPs have independent practice in 21-28 states (can’t remember exactly) and they can only practice independently in primary care fields. CRNAs have a few more states will full practice authority.

I’m confused, was the attending new to the patient population or the hospital, are you talking about students? I don’t have any doubts that a new attending would take orientation from a senior nurse, that happens all the time. There is no one that knows a hospital and all of its BS more than a senior nurse. If you’re talking about an attending who had been there for years, and wasn’t able to provide to the standard of care, and nurses had to keep saving their butts, they should be reported before they hurt someone.

At the end of the day, there are bad apples in every bunch that need to be gotten rid of because they spoil a lot. There is too much medicine to go around to bicker about it. An NP or extra physician seeing patients for whatever, isn’t going to magically make the provider shortage go away. It’s not about “respect” or “ego” these are just narcissistic words. The more hands helping people get better and elevating health, the better. As long as we aren’t giving in to misrepresentation, I don’t care.

There is no misrepresentation. That is the narrative the community of Physician’s have chosen to portray when attempting to verbally minimize a DNPs credentials and experience. A DNP does not need a Physician to oversee his or her actions. They have had years of patient experience prior to obtaining their doctorate. They do not deserve to be belittled by the medical community because a Physician is not better than a DNP simply because they are a Physician. The community of Physicians’ have chosen to make an issue and the Nursing community has responded. Covid brought to light what the Nursing community has known all along; Nurse Practitioners can practice autonomously in a safe and competent way. More and more states are beginning to recognize Nurse Practitioners as autonomous providers in the medical community. This change is occurring despite the negative narrative and malarkey from Physicians’ portraying DNPs as unqualified to practice without their oversight. It simply comes down to monetary loss for Physicians and that is the real reason. It has nothing to do with patient safety.

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I haven’t seen this in practice anywhere, at least not in any serious ways in Georgia or California (small sample sure). Is this an internet thing? Are MDs making toxic “review” publications?

I don’t agree with this in secondary or tertiary care situations because the dynamics of care get far more complicated and generally need specialists anyway. I do absolutely agree with this in primary care. There is no reason DNPs or PAs cannot do primary care. It’s not like they’re going to be taking jobs from physicians anyway, I have no idea why anyone would be precious about this.

Again, we have a primary care provider shortage, we’re not losing anything by having more DNPs or PAs doing primary care. If somehow the market gets saturated with providers we can develop ways of getting these folks into positions where they can go through rotations or do the USMLE stuff on a fast track, so we can provide patients with the best of the best of the best in training. We just aren’t in that world right now and won’t be for a very very very long time (not in my lifetime or yours).

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lol okay. so ARNPs can just run the show and we can leave physicians at the door then. When you have a complex medical issue arise I hope you stick to your guns and see an ARNP instead of a physician. Heck, why don’t ARNPs just perform surgery?

Why are you even on a med school forum? The fact that you can’t acknowledge the difference in expertise between physicians and nurses really makes me wonder what even brought you here to this forum.

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I’ve worked with many doctors who are PA’s, NP’s, professors, administrators, etc. If you have a doctorate you have a doctorate. Period.

If the same energy that went into figuring out who “should and should not be called doctor”, went into actually solving real issues like healthcare affordability, access to care, and insurance disparities, the world would be a much better place.

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Agreed. My psych DNP is very knowledgeable about psych meds (especially genetics as she was the first to suggest genetic testing after years of not responding to meds) and cares about me as a person, not just meds. Almost all of the psychiatrists I saw before her are nowhere nearly as great, and she’s helped me way more than they did

Agreed, a doctorate is a doctorate regardless of field of study