Do all prereqs need to be complete?

I'm getting ready to apply this year - where has the time gone?!?!
Once this semester is over, the only prereq not finished is the organic chemistry lab, which I plan on taking in the fall. Can I fill out the application without this prereq complete?

Absolutely! Go ahead and get your application in and the interview invitations will follow. Once you have an acceptance in hand, you will see that it is dependent upon you completing your required courses. So at the end of the fall semester, you send an updated copy of your transcript to AMCAS and AACOMAS, along with an updated copy to any schools at which you hope to be considered.
Good luck with the upcoming application cycle!

Thanks Linda,
This helps me plan my summer. Instead of taking the ochem lab this summer, which meets every day for 4 hours, I will take A&P II - which also meets every day, but just for an hour, plus two lab periods of 3 hours each. I will also being taken an MCAT prep course during the summer, so I'll be asking if I can drop the lab portion of A&P II (and drop the credits down to 3). If I can get away with it, I'll have 6 more hours per week to study for A&P and the MCAT.

Yeah, you can apply & be accepted with your pre-requisites incomplete. However, the school will make your matriculation dependent upon successful completion of those outstanding pre-requisites. That's how mine worked. I still needed to take 1 OChem lab & something else my senior year.

Some med schools want you to have your pre-reqs complete by about June prior to matriculating. Others are fine with them being complete as long as it's before you begin med school.