Do I Apply This Cycle?


I am two years out of college with the hopes that I would have applied to medical school this last cycle (2016), however when the time came to send out my primary, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. With a very low cGPA 3.05 and sGPA 3.25, 502 MCAT, and very very few EC’s i decided to wait a year and better my application. A year has come and gone and yet I still feel hesitant to apply. I have been working a job as an Emergency Room Technician, Volunteering in a hospital, and again preparing to take the MCAT. Even if I get an outstanding score on the MCAT I feel that it will not be enough to get me in. What is your advice, do I apply anyways OR do I spend another year in limbo and get a masters or post-bacc while gaining more EC’s?