Do OPM's Reapply? Questions.

Hi–I’m waitlisted at one school & waiting to hear for any other interviews, but not holding my breath. My MCAT will expire, so I need to retake that (assuming it’s a “no” this year).
I’m concerned that apart from upping my 8/10/11Q MCAT score–there really isn’t much time to improve anything else. I need to take 1 more class (OCHEM2), and I have a great virology research job, but prior to April nothing else will move.
My question–do I reapply this year, or wait a year to REALLY improve my chances? I considered taking the OCHEM first then doing the Aug MCAT, but no can do with FT research work. If I waited, I’d have 1 maybe 2 course grades. I don’t think I would apply a 3rd time, so I’ve got one more shot.
There is a chance I’d have work in a BSL3 with SARS, but between CDC & my institution, I’m not banking on that, even though that should happen this year.
I’m 42 (today), and although I haven’t worked out what life would be like without med school, I like where I am with work as a building block to something else.

Hi there,
I am sure that some folks on OPM have not gotten into medical school on the first try. Being a re-applicant means that you have some advantages in that you know what you need to do in terms of meeting deadlines and getting all of your information together. You are also at a disadvantage unless you find out why you were rejected and do a bit of 'damage control".
Do you need to apply earlier? Do you need to improve your MCAT scores? Do you need additional coursework to improve your GPA? Was your personal statement good? Do you need more extracurricular activities or do you need letters of recommendation that show you in a more positive light? These are all questions that you may want to consider before you invest the dollars in reapplication.
You should definitely take the second semester of Organic Chemistry before making another attempt at the MCAT. This exam has changed over the past couple of years and may change yet again. You may want to invest some money in a prep course or at least in shoring up any deficiencies from your previous scores. Since your MCAT is about to expire, you really need to make sure that a re-take is a better score than the original.
Have a very detailed Plan B and work on it as hard as you worked on your medical school application. It is your lifeline until you can get your new application together. Should you not have to re-apply, then cool but this is a great time to put some effort and energy into Plan B even if you wind up not needing it. It always turns out that the more elaborate your Plan B, the better your chances of acceptance. Good luck and get to work on your Plan B.

Yes, Barb, older premeds actually do reapply! I was also waitlisted the first time around, but when I didn’t get in, I didn’t give up!
I went ahead with the research I was working on, and reapplied the next cycle (with lower MCAT scores than yours). Following the advice of one of the doctors I worked for, I threw out a really widespread application the second time around, applying to about 30 schools in all. Did it cost an arm and a leg? Well, yeah . . . but it left me one good arm and leg, right?!
The second time around, with no new MCAT or much other different on my application, but with a whole bunch of schools looking at it, I had more interviews than I could have hoped for. The best thing was I was accepted at my first interview, and I knew WVSOM was the right school for me, so I picked and chose other interviews carefully, not wanting to spend more money on travel and stuff than necessary.
I am now in my second year and really love it!
Good luck, and don’t give up! Many people have to apply a second or even third time.
Oh . . . by the way . . . I just turned 54, so you’re really still quite young!

I reapplied after a first round with no interviews (applied 9 schools, mostly in state for Texas). With a slightly improved MCAT, volunteering at a major hospital to shore up lack of clinical experience, and a total PS rewrite, the second round has been much better. Applied 21 schools, 5 interviews, 2 acceptances, 2 waitlists, and no word from about 5 schools.
Dont let anything stop you from achieving your goals in life. Naysayers are a dime a dozen. If you didn’t succeed at first, improve and cast a wider net. I hated spending the app money too, but in 20 years you will laugh at the cost.
Good luck fellow OPMs