DO or Caribbean MD?

Which is better choice (more job prospects)?

cGPA will possibly never be above a 3.0 unless over 120 hours are taken. sGPA very well could be a 3.5+ once it’s said and done. Just trying to be realistic with chances… SDN would always say DO over the latter, but I’m getting mixed responses. I’d prefer MD in the US if I could have my way, but I don’t know too many schools that would seriously consider me given my history. Too competitive.

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I’d say it depends on the MCAT score, without it I think it’s pretty difficult to speculate.

An american medical degree opens more opportunities than an international one, especially with the number of residency spots not keeping up with the increasing number of medical students and graduates. An American DO, gets preference over a Foreign MD.

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You will find the residency bottleneck for an international grad is much more constrictive than that for a US medical grad.

Score a 30+ MCAT and apply to D.O.

(edit: or whatever the post-2014-MCAT equivalent of a 30+ is)