DO school admissions

Hi Everyone,

This is for the DO’s out there. Is it true that in calculating GPA DO schools accept most recent grades if one chooses to repeat a class?


When I applied back 1998, that was not true. However, I think they now only count the last grade of a retake situation. But, I would go straight to AACOMAS to get the final answer.

It’s somewhat complicated but in brief the answer is “yes”. I had numerous phone calls with a friendly fellow at AACOMAS to resolve some grade replacement issues so I’m somewhat familiar with their policies.

To replace a bad, old grade with a good, new grade the two courses have to have the same number of credits. I tried to replace 10 credits of chemistry which was 3 credits lecture, 2 credits lab per semester with a summer school chemistry combined lab/lecture 8 credit course and they didn’t buy it. However, after some negotiation, they allowed me to replace one semester of the old chemistry, not ideal but better than nothing. My old chem grades were appalling.

They also allowed me to replace a one semester “F” in computer science (I forgot to withdraw–I was having problems in those days) with a summer school “A”, but only after I got the prof to write them a letter asserting that the summer school course was fully equivalent to the 2-semester course.

I’m not sure how they’d handle a bad, new grade versus a good, old grade, so it’s best to make sure you always do better than before


These are grades from 12 years ago. I to did not withdraw and got a couple of F’s.

I retook the chemistry and parasitology recently and did very well so I was wondering because it changes my GPA greatly.

I do not know the direct answer to your question, but AACOMAS calculated my GPA .4 points higher than AMCAS…

I don’t have any retakes, but lots of old grades that are mediocre.