Do you start medical school the same year you get accepted?

For example, if I take my pre-reqs this fall (2010) and take my MCAT next spring/summer (2011)and apply to medical schools in the summer (2011)and say, I get accepted, will I start school that year (2011)or will I begin the following year (2012)? Sorry, I was just wondering.

Hi traycee,

You would begin school the following year (2012). There’s a long gap between the time you submit your primary application & the time you get an acceptance owing to the time it takes:

  1. your primary (AMCAS, AACOMAS, TMDSAS) to be verified

  2. the schools to review your primaries

  3. the schools to send you school-specific secondary applications

  4. for you to complete and submit your secondaries

  5. the schools to review your secondaries

  6. the schools to schedule an interview with you

  7. for you to attend interviews

  8. for you to complete supplemental requirements (there will be additional paperwork brought to interviews + official transcripts sent directly from your previous schooling - even though this info already appears on your primaries)

  9. for you to pass a criminal background check

  10. for schools to make an admissions decision (more time could be added if you’re waitlisted)

    All of these things can take anywhere from weeks to months beginning the day you certify & submit your primary. After all of these steps, you wait around for school to start.

Thank you for the information TicDocDoh. Now I know what I need to do. Once again, thanks.