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How do you begin the process to shadow a Dr? I’ve been working in the medical field (in a hospital) for 11 years, and I know MANY Drs in various specialties, but I don’t know any forensic pathologists, which is what I am interested in. Anyone have any experience and advise on how and when to begin the process of shadowing?

I would start by asking those doctors you do know if they know any pathologists (even in passing so they could provide an intro) and then follow up and dig deeper if you need to, to get to the forensic level.

You could also PM PathMD on the site as she works in the pathology field I believe.

Finally, you don’t need to shadow a doctor in the field you are interested in to apply. It would be great if you can, but just get a couple of doctors to shadow in order to complete your apps.

Hope that helps.


Basically, you just kind of use your connections and ask. There is also a DO website that can get you intouch with some DO’s to shadow.

With your work just telling the docs there your plans can get you an in. Most Docs seem to want to help you shadow. I know every Doctor that my wife has seen in the past few months has offered to let me shadow.

Work your connections and be persistent. I had many say no but 3 offices said yes. Small private doctor offices seem to be the most receptive.

I just wanted to second what BaileyPup said. There is a DO mentoring site that may be helpful to you:

I used that program to find my mentor, who in turn brought me into the research program I’ve now been involved with for a little over a year. It’s been an incredible opportunity for me. You never know what can come your way when you put yourself out there and ask for assistance.

Good luck!

  • nnylacire Said:
I just wanted to second what BaileyPup said. There is a DO mentoring site that may be helpful to you:

Whereas I had no luck with that site, or with individually contacting DOs listed on it through their actual websites. But don't lose hope if that happens!

What did work for me was calling the state DO organization - who referred me to a few doctors. One was only interested in meeting with actual med students; but the other turned out to be a really great person to shadow, and I spent a lot of time in her office.