Done - Good Luck!

I am done with the non-trad premed journey.

It has been amusing, interesting, sad, twisted, distorted, sickening, fun, happy, exhilarating but I am shot.

This past semester started off on the wrong foot. A contract I’d been assured was stable until May 2012 (about now), ended the night before school started. No worries, I picked up another one right away.

Got a high 90 on first biochem exam - whoo hoo!

Three weeks onto new contract, was told it was short term and there’d been a huge misunderstanding between the company that placed me and the hiring company.

Contacting the placement company, they said I am “overreacting, that the company loves me” only to find out two weeks later, two nights before the next major biochem midterm… no, in fact, the placing company had been under-reacting and I was out of a job.

Two days before midterm #2, and I got a B.

No job, watching grades tumble.

Night before #3 midterm, found out money I send to my very elderly parents who are showing early signs of dementia were not spending the money I send on the things the money was sent for. Their car was in danger of repossession and without me working, I had no way to save it.

Night before #3 midterm… got a B on that one too.

At this point, I was shot.

No job, my grades continuing a downward slide, my motivation… going.

I could have ace’d the final, I suppose, but… I’m shot. Between my parents, lack of a job, moving because of lack of a job, having the electricity shut off and the heat, worrying about food… I’m shot.

And, I’m calling it a day.

At one point, I said that I’d either be 50 and have given this everything I had. I can honestly say I have done so. I have absolutely NO regrets about trying to do the unthinkable at this age.

In three months I will be 48. I am very actively looking for employment in a new city where the past of my turning my former employer in for fraud (the committed felony reporting inconsistencies with the SEC), is an unknown. In this small town, I might have just jumped off a bridge. I did the unthinkable. I spoke and wrote the truth.

So, this sounds FAR more sad that I mean to… I’m not really sad, just disappointed. I know I’m capable of great grades. I know this semester hung me out emotionally, physically, and mentally. I just think that by the time I get that squared away to get the grades I need, I’ll be…

Thanks for the support and cheering when I needed it! Thanks for the help when I felt FUD creeping in (little bastard that it is) and kicking me in the arse when I needed that too!

My best to all of you as you chase your hopes, your dreams, and nail the MCAT/USMLE!


So sorry to hear about all your troubles. A B in Biochemistry is not the end of the world, but clearly with all you are facing right now, you don’t have the resources to continue this high energy, demanding pursuit at this time.

It’s wonderful that you are helping your parents out, and I understand feeling like you need to keep solvent to be there for them. That’s part of why I started so late…because I knew I would not be able to bail out my kids if they needed it - so wanted them both well-established. Heck, they’ve loaned me money between loan disbursements

So I can see you deciding it’s time to put this down.

However, if your circumstances change in a year or two, realize that your age is not a sufficient reason to not relook at the whole thing.

Best wishes in this difficult time and for finding employment swiftly.


I agree with Kate, the circumstances that you are going through are horrible. You, my friend are a much stronger person that I.

There is no way I would or could have handled all that on my place within a short period of time. Please just remember that age should not be a deterrent. I may take a while to get back on your feet, and that’s ok.

Keep in mind that the great people of this world went through adversity. This is what defines you as a person. Stop, clear you mind, make the necessary decisions to take care you yourself and your family, stabilize and then re-evaluate where you stand as far as this dream/goal of yours.

Regardless if you’re 60, 70, etc. If we are crazy enough to think big, dream big, and hold ourselves to a higher level than many other people trust that we will not stop short of actualization of our God given potential.

Press on for the road can be long and tiresome but still…press on!

My thoughts are: sure the grades - maybe not the best, but a narrative for your application - that’d be something. Heck, might be worth writing a book about. Maybe you’d get an interview on the daily show.