Do's and Don't Do's when shadowing ...

I’m shadowing a Physiology Professor / Nephrologist tomorrow on her day of dialysis rounds.

Since this will be my first shadowing experience, I am looking for do’s and dont’s while shadowing a doctor.

I expect to act strictly as an observer and do not think she will be asking me to do or say anything while we are with patients. Being a former professor of mine, she could challenge me with the odd ‘renal physiology’ question, but other than that I expect to play a rather passive role throughout the session.

Wish me luck!


Dress appropriately and only speak when spoken to. When it’s just the two of you ask away but don’t bombard with questions when in front of a patient.

But do, of course, smile and introduce yourself to the patient. Some people get so hung up on not doing anything inappropriate that they don’t do that!

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