Down to the Wire!

T-minus 19 days until Step 1. Good luck, everybody!

Go, Matt! You will be SO GLAD when it is over.


14 days to go here!

I’m so fed up with studying… but I keep going, b/c I start freaking out that it might not be enough. I noticed that I’m mot as efficient as I was at the beginning. Maybe part of it was doing Micro for last 4 days. I’m switching to Neuro today, so maybe it’ll go better.

Kasia, build at least one break day into this final stretch, AND DON’T STUDY the day before the test. Your brain needs time to rest and digest all this hard work!


Good luck, guys!

Hey Matt–just wanted to say good luck–I finished first year at Columbia and I am already worrying about next year’s boards. Miss those days at CCNY!

Eliza aka “starmoon”


Hardest test ever-- so much harder than the MCAT. But as ever, bloodied but unbowed!

One negative recommendation: don’t use USMLE Rx QBank for Step 1. The questions aren’t difficult enough.

go drinking!!! you have earned it. Wait until you start clinicals, it is great to finally be out of the classroom!!!


Congrats on getting it over! As they say in the rule of 2’s: 2 months to prepare for Step 1, 2 weeks to prepare for Step 2, and for Step 3, bring a number 2 pencil. You’ve got the toughest one done with.

Enjoy the fourth and the third year–I found myself rejuvenated once I was able to get into the hospitals and clinics.

I passed! And onto the next challenge. Am two weeks into my family medicine rotation and really enjoying it. I find it hard to believe you can prepare for Step 2 in two weeks, but any news about reduced stress makes me smile.

woo hoo

Congrats! Glad to hear you’re enjoying your family rotation as well.

Woot! congrats!