Drop Out?

Hi again. I have a question that has been bothering me. Im attending a CC. I was dropped in the summer of 09 because I was dropping more classes then I was taking not because of my grades. I sat out this fall and iam returning this Jan ( Thank goodness!) although Iam more determined then ever 2 get better grades and a better GPA will that sitaution affect me and med school in the long run? I was confused and had no clear path at the time, now I have a mentor (a DO) who lets me shadow him at his clinic, I volunteer at a cancer center and have more classes and the MCAT in front of me. any input would be appreciated thanks!

It sounds like you’re on track. Especially if you string together several semesters of focused effort. I’m sure the mentorship helps.

I’m in the same boat. I sat out fall 2009.

Here’s how I will someday look at it with the Adcom (I hope).

Jan 2009-Aug 2009: I started really knowing nothing about medicine. I took 2 classes - Bio 1 and Chem 2 and I volunteered. I learned something about the medical profession so that I actually had something to base my decision to be or not to be a doctor on.

Sept-Nov 09: I lived life fully committed to NOT ever being a doctor. I threw away stuff. I told my sister to take her MCAT books back. I would never need them.

Nov 09 - forward: After the time to really explore the question of whether there was anything else I would be satisfied doing, I realized there wasn’t. I couldn’t say that before I started, and I couldn’t say that when I quit. I can honestly say it now.

I think our reasons for quitting were a little different, but, no matter what the reason for starting or quitting, I think you can explain the time away brought clarity to your decision. I do think it’s a one-time thing though. You can’t go to school one semester out of every three for four years and use that type of explanation.