Ducks in a row!

Hi All,

So sorry I missed the conference this year, but I’ve been climbing out of a tunnel of work - I almost see the light! At long last, after four years with OPM and two graduate degrees and loads of debt, I’m ready to apply next spring for 2010… I hope.

BKGD: I graduated in '02 with a 3.1 (BCPM crushed by an F in Gen Chem), then took a few outside science classes (and retook the pre-req F’s) with a majority of A’s. I then enrolled in BU’s MAMS program with an MPH in Epidemiology, and after all that my post-UG BCPM is ~ 3.4. I have years of research and clinical work experience, and recs from employers and profs. I retook the MCAT this past August and I’m fairly pleased with my new score (B10/P9/V11 R, up from 26/0 in '05), so I’m waiting until spring to be first out of the gate for 2010. I took everyone’s advice, worked hard, and did the best I could.

My question - am I all set to apply to allopathic schools? Any possible additional things I should do before I apply (like retake the MCAT to break 10 in PS)? While I am applying to certain DO programs that I like, there are several MD programs that are at the top of my list, and I want to realistically be in the running for those.

Just thought I’d weigh in again with all the OPM Gurus!

Edit: Actually, the PG BCPM is very close to 3.5, but not sure if it breaks it or not.

Hey Joy!

Congratulations on being done with school/ degrees and the last MCAT score! I don’t think I would retake the MCAT. I don’t really think that 1 point is going to make such a huge difference; and you might risk having a bad day and possibly scoring less (which you don’t want to do).

It seems to me that your MCAT score is definitely in the range of many allopathic schools; good luck with your application process!


Hi Kasia,

Good to hear form you again! I’m not one of those “stellar” OPM’ers who can manage a demanding career and still be online all the time, so I appreciate those who can.

Thanks also for the input - you have a good point about potentially flubbing up a second time, but I was thinking I could just “don’t score” it if necessary? It’s been such a long journey (surrounded by very cutthroat people), it’s easy to lose perspective - advice from people like you who I’ve watched succeed is so helpful!

How are you enjoying MS?

jlr, I would say before you sign up to take the MCAT a second time, take several practice tests to see if your score is really likely to go up. Don’t experiment with the real thing–it’s a lot of time, stress, and money and you may not know how well you did on the day of the test, so you may “no score” for nothing.

Thanks for the reply, Denise - it was seconded by two of my advisers, so I’m going to stick with it and cast my application net widely. They seemed fairly confident that if I could snag an interview, I’d have a good shot at an acceptance, and that a higher MCAT score won’t have much effect on my academic profile.

I’m relieved I won’t have to take it again, but a part of me just can’t believe it… I’ve spent more years studying for the MCAT than people actually spend in medical school!