Early Decision didn't work out

I didn’t get rejected by Tulane University, BUT I didn’t get admitted either-- deferred for re-review into the rest of the year. So now, I must either go into AMCAS or wait a year or quit-- need to think a day or two about what I should be doing. It’s a downer, but such is life.

Oh Matt… I’m so sorry you weren’t accepted EDP. I’ve read your posts and I was sure that with your qualifications you’d be accepted. Please don’t give up; you have such a great spirit and you’ll make a wonderful physician. If you apply all over, you’re still ahead of the August MCATers, so don’t worry about applying this late.

I am so sorry… it is frusterating to know that a candidate as qualified as yourself is having such a hard time.

keep your head up bro’… your still in the game… stay positive!!!


That’s alright, Matt! Hang in there!

Matt, Hang in there. No acceptance EDP does NOT mean a rejection. You may still get in regular decision.

Now that you have been released from your EDP, you can add more schools. Your AAMCAS should not be help up but rather available to these schools right away!!!

Keep your head in the game. I am sure that things will work out.


Don’t give up! Apply to more schools! I think you did some more medical-related work/ volunteering etc. So even the schools that didn’t accept you last year should consider you a ‘better’ applicant! (I think you were a good candidate from the very beginning!).



Matt dont give in to the “BA$TARDS” Really if this is in your heart then keep at it, I know how I feel and I would not have been complete without doing this. Hey don’t forget Kathy is at Ross, a good Caribbean and SGU is a very good Caribbean school they are always there. You just have to decide what directions to go in. How long to wait?

Regardless of what others say the Caribbean is a good alternative to be a Doc. You will be an MD and can get decent residencies. Just look at the Residencies this year on the SGU web site, some were Surgery too.

In any case don’t give up!

I really didn’t mean to do a “Sales Pitch” on Caribbean schools just I feel it’s an option and it get’s forgotten sometimes.

I actually looked at the match list for SGU, and I’m extremely impressed. Those are really nice match results… gas, surgery, neurosurgery, radiology, etc… its all there…

SGU has become as competitive as US schools. I have a few friends who applied there and were turned down. Mean MCAT has gone way up along with GPA. SGU can be picky. These same friends applied to Ross and were accepted. They start in January and are ubber excited.

I hate to post it but sometimes US schools seem to have their head up their backsides.


Keep your head. Not sure how wide of a net you’re throwing out there so I can’t offer any opinions on what to do, except keep on keeping on.

good luck to you. it must be a very frustrating position to be in, but you seem to have an admirable attitude about it.

i wish our forum had that little four-leaf clover smiley i’ve seen on SDN…

  1. To everybody who wrote “DO NOT QUIT!”-- thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart. It really helped me through a dark couple of days. I am making a commitment to myself to pursue this through this year. I do not think I’m going to go back to the well a third time-- I’m still looking to get out of translation and into an intellectually stimulating and socially conscious new career. But if I get rejected everywhere again, I’m going to take it as a sign that MD might not be for me (internal rhyme!)

  2. I switched things around quite a bit this year. Eliminated all ivy league schools except for Cornell, since they interviewed me last year. Eliminated all Pacific Coast schools-- none of them offered me interviews last year. Even though Hopkins interviewed me last year, I eliminated them because… please, lets be realistic. <img src="/fusionbb/images/smilies/wink.gif" alt="" /> I tried to use my best, creative getting-in logic:<br /><br /> a. Schools that wait-listed me last year: since I came so close, I have to give them another chance to see my brilliance. Happily, I loved my visits to both:<br /><br /> SUNY Stony Brook<br /><br /> Mt. Sinai<br /><br /> b. Schools that interviewed me last year but didnt admit me:


    SUNY Buffalo

    c. Other schools in the New York area which are not burningly competitive, but still really high quality:

    New York Medical College

    Robert Wood Johnson

    d. Awesome regional AIDS program:

    University of Alabama

    e. Having graduated cum laude/PBK from William and Mary, I should add schools that actually know about it, the other Virginia state schools:


    Virginia Commonwealth Univ.

    f. There are lots of schools in the US where fluency in Spanish is a big plus, but in Providence and Miami, a rare case: fluency in Portuguese is also a big plus. So the experience I am having this year living and working in Portuguese in Sao Paulo should lead me to add the schools in those cities:

    Univ. of Miami


    So that’s the logic. And of course, Tulane is still very much alive. Thanks everyone for the support and maybe I’ll get some good news in the spring!



Hi Matt, I don’t post here that often these days, but I’m a lurker. I feel the need to post because I really do feel for you. I don’t know what these schools are looking for. You seem to have a great academic record, plus a unique background of life experiences. Anyhow, I too am a reapplicant this year and I know how frustrating it can be to put your life on hold and pursue this dream you want more than anything in the world, but feeling like you’re not be given the chance to be that great doctor you know you can be. Well, I do hope you get good news this Spring and that one of these schools will be wise enough to snatch you up.

Good luck.

Go, Matt!

Any objections to MCW, my school? It’s private, though not super-expensive as private schools go, and admits about half its class from out of state.


My good friend applied FIVE times, and took the MCAT SIX times. She did really well the last time she took the MCAT. She was offererd scholarships at 8 schools througout the country, including two premier ivy league schools located in New York , as well as UCLA and USC. Now, she is in her fifth year of a general surgery/thoracic surgery residency. She could have stopped after the fourth time, but decided to go apply again.


EVERYONE needs to read this story. Although I don’t think I have the stamina of this particular Wonder Woman, I know I’m tough enough to go through this One More Year with all guns blazing. (Sorry for martial metaphor-- probably offends you emergency medicine buffs!)

I’m volunteering at what claims to be far and away the best hospital in all of Brazil: Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Hospital Albert Einstein (mouthful, right?) Lots of interesting observations to make about the differences from the American system, the patient population, operating in Portuguese, etc., but I don’t want to clutter up Old Pre Meds with such a specialized subject, so I will start a blog with photos, as something to direct AdComs to and to keep friends abreast of my activities down here-- will give a URL later this month.

Hi Matt, I just joined the forums in my desperation to absorb anything I can on the net and I saw this thread because I was looking at going to Tulane next year as well.

I just want to say that if for some odd ass reason you dont get in here this year, you should take a look into their 1 year M.S. program in Pharmacology. I’m currently in the program and its been a great experience so far. We take the Med Pharm course and then a number of grad courses as well and I have to say its great to at least spend my “waiting to get in” time gaining a little perspective on the career I so badly want to pursue.

The program has a number of faculty that are involved with the Med School (one of whom is even on the board of admissions I think) and just being around them I’m sure is good for your chances; beyond that they definitely give you an extra look for completing the program. Almost all of the students get interviews with A LOT of people getting in to MD schools.

Just wanted to drop in my plug and wish you well!

Hopefully by some turn of luck we’ll be classmates next year!