easily offended? read elsewhere

I figured that title would get some attention! But I’m not kidding, if you don’t think it’s possible to use Hitler in something funny, or if bad language offends you, or if by chance you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan, then do NOT click on this link:

Hitler: Bloodthirsty Dictator, Die-Hard Cowboys Fan


Yeah I figured you’d like it!


My son-the-pilot sent me the link, my son-the-video-editor endorsed it with his highest praise, and my daughter-the-college-stud ent showed it to all her friends. Me, I am going to watch it every time I need cheering up. It makes me laugh.

LOL… I think the only way to describe that is “terribly funny.”

I’m a life long Dallas fan with Jewish ancestors and I wasn’t offended in the slightest!

But the line about Kobe being better than Jordan and his question to the dude afterwards was hilarious!

I love it!!! “Eli sucks!!” Bwahahahahahahah!

LOL… It’s that Jessica Simpson’s fault - that stupid hag…

It was funny, no doubt about it…!

Mary, once again you have posted worth while information ( although on a slightly different subject than usual) but I loved it!! It was a nice unexpected end to a tough day. I might have to buy you a drink in D.C. for the good laugh. Thanks.