ohmy.gif These teenage boys egged my house two nights ago, and I saw them do it. I ran out of my front door with a stick. I chased them down the street. I heard one of them say "Oh s thats not his house" My husband was mad at me for going after them, but I have PMS. mad.gif Today it's kinda funny laugh.gif

hi, i don’t know why your post struck me so funny but it did. i guess i could see myself getting so crazy and grabbing a broom or something and then later saying 'what the heck was i thinking? i’m not that fast a runner. thanks for the chuckle. lizzie laugh.gif

Woo Hoo! You go girl!!
I wish I’d been there to see that!
It’s always great to have an outlet for that PMS! Your husband should be thankful! biggrin.gif

i recall several months ago when the weather was just starting to turn wintery when i was out for a run. Mind you i didn't feel like running that particular day and it was post rain from the day before so there were some puddles here and there. I live in a pretty rural area and most drivers will give you a slow down when they pass you. Simutaneously i was passing a puddled region as was a guy in a car. Well, needless to say i got splashed. Now it wasn't a drenching splash…i barely got wet. But I stopped and turned and screamed #%$$^^ with the loudest 'i'm freaking crazy' voice is could find while i made jumping and hand gestures. Meanwhile my husband just stared at me like i was a cross between sybil and regan. oh well, it gave me a few laughs for a couple of days and i did feel better afterwards.

The two of you crack me up. Funny how the same event can inspire such different responses from one day to the next. I can’t think of any times when I have responded in a similar fashion but that’s only because I am tired right now. tongue.gif

i have the ability to laugh at myself much more than i ever did when i was younger…even if it didn’t seem funny at the time. lizzie biggrin.gif