Emergency Medicine Hopes

Finally applied last week to 38 EM programs but have not received any replies. Scott and White at least replied by email to my request to come rotate in January, so that is set up now. Here are my stats. You tell me what you think.
DO student
2/124 class rank
USMLE I 232/94
USMLE II 262/99
COMLEX I 715/99
paramedic experienced, PA-C license
problem is that I just recently decided on EM and my EM LOR’s are pending. Hopefully they will come through, but as of now I have these generic “primary care” leaning letters of rec because I thought I was going into FM. So I am basically playing the odds by applying to many programs. I’m just a typical worrier so don’t mind me. Its keeps me busy since there isn’t much left to do in 4th year. I am certainly not going to waste time studying for Step II CS!
Well, hope to hear from some of you with experience on this topic. I really have no idea how competitive EM is these days, especially as a DO. And I have no idea what kind of stats I am up against since the USMLE is rather foreign to me. I heard the 2 digit score is not a percentile anyway
Later guys,
Matt, PA-C, EMT-P (past life), DO candidate

No, the two-digit score isn’t a percentage but who cares? Your numbers are great. EM’s fairly competitive but I’m sure you’ll do fine. Good luck!

Thanks Mary. When the hec should one begin to panic if no interview invites come regularly?

Hi there,
I would not panic at this point. Some programs may be waiting for your LORs and will not send invites until they get them. Since EM is competitive, you have applied to plenty of programs. Just make sure that you get plenty of interviews. If not, apply to more programs. It is still fairly early and most programs do not really go into full gear until the Deans letters go out on November 1st. After then, you should start to hear something.
Good luck!

I would not worry. I just recently decided NOT to go into EM because I decided I would like IM better, but I had a meeting with a residency program director in EM while I was on an away EM rotation and he pointed out that while EM is considered competitive, in reality of applicants who apply to EM programs, 95% of them match in EM, and that those who don’t probably half had things that were fixable (i.e. not applying to enough programs). He recommended applying to about 30 programs (which you’ve done). You are certainly as strong a candidate as I would have been, if not stronger, based on the numbers you gave, and he was confident I would match, if I decided to go EM. Another thing about the interviews… although some schools offer interviews early, he said he, and many others, don’t really start looking at the applicants until the end of October-- they’re busy! He did talk about a fellow program director that did offer interviews very early, but I got the impression that was not the majority of program directors. So I certainly wouldn’t worry if I were you. Although we were talking about allopathic applicants, I’m sure it’s pretty much the same for osteopathic applicants.
(For what it’s worth, I can sympathize. While I’ve received interview invitations, I’m still waiting on my top choices, and hope they’re just waiting on some of my LORs and dean’s letter).
Good luck.

Got my Scott and White interview so hopefully I can get in touch with Jeff to see if he can offer some advice. I sent him an email but it might have been his old address. Anyone who knows it can drop me a PM as I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks for the uplifting words everyone.

Does anyone know a site to find statstics on average USMLE, etc., for E-Med match nationally? Is there such a site?
EMdochopeful, your scores are great, I’d say no worries.

For what it’s worth, at a pretty decent hospital I volunteer for, 1/3 of the EM docs are DO’s.
Good luck


So what happened? I was just going through old posts and got caught up in your story.

Rachel Yealy, DO

PS If you are at S&W - say hello to Tim Stallard & Jeff Jarvis for me