End of the line for Pre-Reqs

So - I’ve almost made it. This is the summer semester and I’m going to take organic 1 and 2, and be done with this pre-req bloodfest that I’ve endured.

A few questions though. I got credit for biology 102 back in 2003, and didn’t retake it. I aced bio 101, and I also got an A in Genetics (And ecology, but that doesn’t count). Is it absolutely necessary to retake this?

I ask because I may stay one more semester for fall, but only if I absolutely have to. There are still recommended courses to take (biochem, anatomy), but as of now at the end of Summer I will be precisely $50k in debt, and I’m not sure if I want to cross that milestone while i’m still in undergrad.

I wish I could pay out of pocket but making $8/hr just won’t cut it. Plus I want to take the MCAT in January so I don’t want to work too hard over the fall and not be able to study properly.

Should I go ahead and call it quits after the summer or go one more semester?

If you are looking to apply for 2013 you are going to be a year and a half away once you stop taking classes this fall. From what I hear Adcoms don’t like to see ys taking our “glide” year off so to speak.

True… I could apply this year I guess but that would mean I would take the MCAT in August after Organic (haven’t even started studying). I’m already late in the game and I wanted to pay a little debt off before I started.

I guess I never really thought about that though so I may rethink the process if it’s worth it to go ahead and apply.

Well I wouldn’t rush to apply if you aren’t ready, just saying that it might be wiser to take say one class a semester in your glide year. I am taking 2 this fall and 1 in the spring as of now.

  • d-gray Said:
Should I go ahead and call it quits after the summer or go one more semester?

If you're already 50k in why not bite the bullet and spend 2-4k more?

As for the MCAT, do you mean you want to be done this summer and spend Sep-Dec studying for it to take it in June?

Would it be so bad to take a class or two in the fall, then study for MCAT Dec-March to take it in April, and have your scores back before applications open in June?

I have no idea what your situation is, but surely a couple more A's on your transcript won't hurt you.

PS - No, don't rush to take the MCAT this year. I'm pretty sure every normal human needs the full 3 months to study for it.

when you leave medical school with about 200k in debt, another couple of thousand does not matter. And while the courses are not mandatory, they can help.

If you do not need the grades and are worried about finances, then just audit the classes. you get the info, without having to worry about exams are grades

Also keep in mind that you will lose your tuition deferral if you take that much time off of school. It’s one thing to pay down your debt because you want to, it’s quite another when the bills are showing up and you’re making $8 per hour…

All very good points guys. You’re right - I guess if I’m in it this far it wouldn’t hurt to take another few classes. Unfortunately I go to a pretty big school so the classes fill up fast! Let’s hope some people drop before the fall semester starts : )

Pixie - I was planning to take Aug - Dec to study for the January MCAT, and maybe again in March / April if I need a retake.