engineering = science?

Hi. I was wondering about the science GPA. I took a lot of engineering classes 20 years ago. Do they count towards my science GPA? What about the prerequisities I retake, such as Physics I&II and Chem I? Do the old grades still count, too?

As I recall I got B’s in most of those classes. My undergrad was a 3.3 GPA. The masters classes I took about 10 years ago have a 3.8 GPA, but only two of the classes were engineering (fuzzy logic & computer architecture). I am just starting the prereq’s this fall with Physics I & Chemistry I.

Would all of my BS, masters, and new coursework be lumped together for the overall GPA, even though there will be a 23 year lifespan?



The best place to look might be the AMCAS instructions, which can be found at isors/200…

From what I see there, engineering and computer science courses are not considered part of your BCPM.

I would expect that the new and old Physics, Chem, etc courses would be considered.

They divide your GPA up into several slices - overall, overall BPCM, post-bacc, post-bacc BCPM, etc. So basically, all of the information will be available to schools, and they’ll do with it what they will.

Thanks for the info.