Engineering to med


I am going to be 26 this month and looking to move to Canada and persue my dream to be a physician. I have a bachelors degree in engineering with electronics and communication as specialization. What should my pathway be?

My major worries are: 1. Am I too old to pursue this dream of mine
2. The cost of the entire programme, if I make the cut.

I am 54 and there are barriers to me that I still do not have any knowledge of. But, I am going to continue until I hit one that I cannot overcome, and that will have to be a pretty high barrier. I wouldn’t change anything in my life, but I would have loved to have started pursuing my dream at 26. So, are you too old?

Thanks for the reply. This has certainly changed my perspective and motivates me to go for it. In my opinion, the fast-paced life that we live in makes us anxious and one failure is as the fall of the first domino. I have experienced this, the first time I failed to make a cut, it was a blow that hit me hard culminating in me being diagnosed by depression-induced anxiety. Neverthless, its time to shed the procrastination mantel and shift focus.