Epiphany --- I should become a doctor

I saw 500 Days of Summer last night, and it really, really moved me and almost made me cry. As you’ve guessed, I’ve had a love interest slip away from me. Much like in the movie. It has happened to me twice, two different women, but exceedingly beautiful women, a few years apart.

And they both ended up marrying physicians.

I woke up this morning and started researching the web like a madman, and I found this forum. I’m 32, never married, no children, currently employed as a software engineer. I was in a physics PhD program when I was younger, but never completed it. Considering my Physics GRE scores, the MCAT shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

What is my next step??

Hi, Dexter. I would say the most beneficial next step would be to spend a fairly good deal of time volunteering at a hospital and shadowing physicians to be sure that the reality of being a physician matches your expectations of it. From there it will be looking at what courses, etc. you will need to complete to get into medical school (along with the other things like volunteering, healthcare experiences, etc.)

That and research http://services.aamc.org/postbac/ if you’re interested and able to commit to full-time preparation.

Do you want to become a Doctor because the “loves” of your life married doctors? Were they nurses? This is quite funny, but I’m sure people have chosen careers on lesser merits.

Hate to say this…but…you’ll probably get alot of nurses

Dexter - Please tell me you want to be a doctor for other reasons (although 500 Days of Summer is a great movie…lots to think about). However, dropping roughly $250,000 and giving up your life for the next 8 - 10 years is a huge commitment to make just because a few ex girlfriends ended up with doctors.

rmiranda - As a nurse, I totally resent that statement. Believe it or not, there is a stigma surrounding the nurse/doctor relationship. Yes, they happen but not nearly as much as one would think (and I’ve worked in plenty of hospitals).

Although when I’m a doctor, I’m totally going after the cute male nurse. Just saying.

I actually thought the doc/nurse comment was funny. I also know it’s probably 95% of the time not true. There is always a small percent that perpetuate the belief with their behavior. Hollywood is responsible for this viewpoint (ie Grey’s Anatomy, ER, Private Practice…and so on).

Not to critisize since you are obviously so excited about a change, but, there must be more to your thought process than a movie and 2 girls. It will be an exciting adventure, however, your competition is fierce and there will be others that have a much more inspiring story. Immerse yourself in it. You must have the time, so see where it leads you.

But, Kimberly, they were exceedingly beautiful girls!

To the OP, I’m just pulling your leg. :wink: Best of luck in whatever you decide.

Hahaha. I rented “500 Days of Summer” based upon the above post. I kept waiting for some medical miracle to happen that would inspire me as well. No such luck. It was a romance movie (ugh, I should have gotten that but I didn’t) I am going back to watching “Trauma: Life in the ER”. Now that is what inspires me. But, to each their own!

  • Dexter Said:
...Considering my Physics GRE scores, the MCAT shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Pray do tell, how did you reach that conclusion?