Exam and Quiz - round tabling on priorities


I wanted to round table this with others.

I am in 3 courses and have the chance to attend a medical school step fair tomorrow but it begins exactly at the time of my cell Biology class. I also need to be on at the fair and have to stay up late tonight to study for and take a quiz. I need to ace this course and can’t leave to attend other items. (The lecture however is recorded, but I’ve missed the past two to meet with a director or of an adivisng program and to meet with the admissions department of one of the other schools. My grade on the last exam is requiring course correctment, and I will do so).

I also have an exam scheduled for Wednesday in another course, but had scheduled a meeting with my professor for Cell biology just a few hours before hand and also one with an important advisor. I need the advisor, whom was discouraging, to sign the aid sheet for me to qualify for aid - I also have to be on during this meeting. My responsibility is to make certain I have the material and show that I know it, to excel, and to crush my quiz and to crush the test on Wednesday.

I am strongly considering rescheduling the meeting on Wednesday with both people, professor and advisor, to maximize my test scores, I will then immediately seek the next opportunity to meet with them both. (My responsibility is to get A’s)

I have to do everything I can, but I also don’t have the luxury of not getting A’s.
Thoughts on proper talk paths and priorities?

My professor actually just posted and uploaded a link to the fair online so he appears in favor of this - again my priority is A’s at this point.