Exam is tomorrow...

My last exam for a while is tomorrow. I’ve been holed up studying, working full time, and tomorrow I’ll leave right from my exam to work my second job - it starts back tomorrow. In addition to that, I’ve been filling out supplemental applications like nobody’s business. I guess it is good I’ve gotten some! So, my apologies for not being around. I am really second guessing some of my secondary app. essay attempts - working full time, still taking classes, trying to write coherent, heartfelt, formally late in the evening - I did the best I could but I know some could be more polished. Wednesday, I get ready to mail out my update letter with new grades on my classes, and three new sets of transcripts. Now, with any luck, interviews will start - I am rooting for all of you - if you need something from me, send me a message, because I am going to try to spend every moment (except working two jobs)with my children having a good time for the next few weeks before all my time is taken again.

Just wanted to let you all know I was still around and hanging in there!

Hope the test went well!

Well enough to get an A. I am still cranking out secondaries. Paying for secondary applications has been a much larger financial burden than I anticipated. Hope you all are saving money.