Experience Description

I’m working on my application and I’m wondering about the Work/Activities section. In the Experience Description section we are allotted 1325 characters.

Is it best to use all of those characters? I’m listing a poster presentation on a research project that I completed which I can summarize in a couple of sentences…should I go into detail about the project itself? I was going to list the presentation and the research leading up to it as separate instances so I’m trying to figure out how much detail to include.

Do people write this in paragraph format, or create something that is equivalent to a bulleted list?



I kinda combined bulleted list with more thorough description. I made a quick bulleted list so someone in a hurry would get a feel for what I actually did (you know, verb-starting, resume style kind of thing).

I followed that up with a few short sentences with more detail, or with the relevance of the experience, or whatever else seemed important.

No need to fill it up; verbosity doesn’t get you any extra points (I wish I could learn that lesson, though ). It may even pay to consolidate. There’s no requirement to fill all 15 spots for activities; it doesn’t necessarily look better if you do. Just share what’s important


I was leaning toward something like that. There are so many things that don’t seem like they are are going to raise any questions until you are actually writing them