Expired Certification & The Activities Section

Hello fellow Nontrads!

I am a Nontrad Premed with Electronic Medical Record Physician training experience. While working for this company, I earned a CRCR (Certified Revenue Cycle Consultant) certification, to better understand billing and other administrative physician responsibilities. I no longer work for this organization and now work for a Health System. My certification expired Aug 2020, so I am hesitant to place this activity on my Application Activities List. While it has now expired, this past activity required intense training and I had to give a very lengthy presentation. The things I took with me from this certification proved invaluable in my career and character development.

I was wondering if anyone has prior experience in this sort of situation? Has anyone put an expired certification on their Activities list?

Any advice is very much appreciated!

As far as dates put the dates that you worked for the company and certification gained date and expiration within the activity section but by all means STILL LIST IT with a thought felt reflective description! You said it plainly enough that is was “invaluable in your career and character development” so show that within your activities list.

To give some perspective let’s say someone was a nurse prior to applying to medical school… but now their nurse licensure is expired. Would they NOT list years of hands-on patient experience within health care that probably prompted their pursuits to become a physician just because they don’t currently have their license?! No, you still add it!