Explaining no full course-load

How can I explain not having taken full course loads in school?
I’ve only been thinking seriously about applying to medical school the past year and I haven’t been taking full course loads during my undergrad. I understand that for some medical schools, this is a requirements and for some of them, it is not!
Is this going to make me ineligible to apply to those schools that do require their applicants having taken full course-loads? Or is there a way I could explain this on my app and be convincing?
Thanks in advance!

I think it depends on the circumstances. For example, you had to work full time and could only go to school part-time. You couldn’t afford to pay for full-time tuition. You weren’t sure what you wanted to be, and you when you figured it out- you jumped on that wagon. Not everyone has the same opportunities and I think they can understand that.

i.e., I couldn’t go to school for a long time, and was only taking one class/ two at time for a while because that is all I could afford. Until I was eligible for loans, I jumped on that wagon like they were selling hot tamales… and then after all that I found out I wanted to be a doctor… after haven taken only law classes( I wanted to be a paralegal, I guess I got a little ambitious after the ropes got loose)

Thank you for your reply!
Well, I was not working. I was just going to school and loans helped me pay for school and some living expenses.
Would I be able to just mention the fact that I found my way later in life, around the time I was graduating from my undergrad? I just want to be able to sound convincing and be able to word things well on my personal statement or in an interview…