Extension vs. Concurrent

Previous Post—“I graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in June of 2007 with a B.S. in biology. I was unsure of what career I wanted to enter as an undergraduate and did not decide on medical school until my senior year. Having a late start in the process and a GPA of 2.7 I sought advice from an advisor who suggested a Post-Bacc program and getting involved in the science field. Currently I am in an internship with SGX Pharmaceuticals (soon to be Eli Lilly) doing protein purification for oncological research, volunteering at the local hospital, planning on taking a few more science classes at the local CC and UCSD extenstion program and preparing for both the GRE and MCAT. I do not come from a disadvantaged backround or a minority and I understand that this prevents me from being applicable to many programs. I am very motivated to succeed now that I am sure of the path I want to take. I know my GPA is sub par (in the extreme) but I know there has to be someway to fix it. I would appreciated any advice you can give me”

Alright, so I am going to apply to Post-Baccs…I think but I also want to get a head start on taking some science classes at UCSD to bring up my GPA (I know they won’t technically be factored in as I have already graduated…but atleast make me look better) just in case I am not accepted. However, I am getting mixed reviews on whether to take concurrent enrollment classes ( taught by UCSD faculty and taken with current undergrad students) or extension classes (sometimes taught by UCSD faculty). Extenstion really works better as my internship is full time and I am still studying to take the MCAT. I have found a few classes that are online and then a few classroom taught ones (does it matter?). Any opinions on whether the concurrent looks better to medical school than extension? Concurrent is also about twice the cost…

If I were in your shoes I would take the extension classes. They work with what you are doing now, which will also increase your application, and also they are in comjunction with a university and you are still obtaining credit that counts. Since your degree is new, you can explain the change of heart and desire to go a new direction.