F grade

Hi all,

I failed my Genetics class and yes there will be an “F” on my transcript. Since I started over, I din’t receive less than an A- in any science courses.

I failed this class because I didn’t finish my final exam…I couldn’t even think…I was coming from the emergency room… Anyway this final exam was 40% and the other assignments 60%. I had a 58% over 60…but the policy for that particular class is that, fail the final you fail the class no matter what (the average doesn’t count)…For them failing is less than 60/100…and I was under 60. Tough!

I never ever received an F before. The three Cs that appear in some of my transcripts are from ten years ago…I wonder how this F will affect my application next year. I just registered for another Genetics class this Fall, in another school. I definitely have to kill it this time.

To tell you the truth, I really don’t know what to think about this F. What else can I do? Please tell me what you think.


When I said I was under 60, I was talking about the final exam only. Regarding my average, I was above 70, but I failed because I didn’t pass the final.


Sounds to me like a great story to tell in an interview when they ask “What happened? Why the F?” Especially if you KILL your retake.

why are you taking genetics in another school? Check your school’s policy on retakes. Some may replace the F.

I agree with gabe. Most schools give grade replacement for F’s because they are so extreme that clearly something went horribly wrong. Go back to the school and see.

Thank you for your answers guys.

Genetics is the only class I took at that school because my school doesn’t offer it(and it is required).

They said that I can retake the class, the F will still appear on the transcript but will not affect my GPA. Only the new grade will count.

I’m not comfortable retaking anything with them. I didn’t like the class from the beginning but I went there because it was cheap. It was a self-paced course, with little help, and no review for the exam. We had to study the whole book (a big book) without knowing where to focus on (ridiculous!). It was so stressful. I studied like crazy but the circumstances around my final exam didn’t allow me to do well. I don’t want to go back to that stress again.

My husband and I have decided to pay more in another school for “hopefully” a better course.

Sorry to hear that. Having a graduate degree I find it disconcerting how some of my professors equate not lecturing with “helping the students to think for themselves.” It’s as if they’ve changed their classes into online versions where you have to show up to the “lecture” but only to work with a group. If the group isn’t working out, then it’s your responsibility as a student to “find the help you need.” I understand fully finding help if you don’t understand what is covered in class but if they don’t cover anything in class, you’re finding help elsewhere, then what exactly is the professor getting paid to do? Pass out the discussions?

I was sure it was me last semester but after taking chemistry over the summer and now taking it with a different professor I realize that the professor still has to lecture, or there needs to be a lecture somewhere. Giving handouts with little to no theory is just a recipe for a student to spin their wheels… I mean who does better with a course over the summer? I understood chem so much better in the intense format of the summer than during the Fall. I was warned it would be a disaster since I wasn’t learning the concepts during the regular term but…

Sorry about venting. I just remember early in the year I was struggling and couldn’t understand why. I figured over the summer it was the professor but it was only last week that I was informed of how bad it is for students she’s decided are not worthy of graduate/doctorate education. If you’re one of her chosen there are “by invitation only” study sessions with her…that’s when she lectures…

Again sorry about the vent and sorry to hear about your experiences at that place.

Thank you croooz. I forgot to mention that it was an online course (except for the exam). And it was one of those recommended by my school.

I’m used to online courses, but this one had nothing to do with the others, “absolutely nothing.” I saw the reviews from former students too late to withdraw. 99% of these reviews were negative.

But guess what! I will survive. At this point nothing can stop me (not even an F). This is my last semester of med school prerequisites. MCAT spring 2014 and application next cycle(2014). As VickiV said, I will have a great story to tell in interviews. I’m not going to sabotage the school but I will explain what happened during the days preceding the final exam. It will be more interesting if I get an A for the retake.

I’ll do my best, and hopefully “my best” will be enough to get into med school.

Thanks again.

Great positive attitude Brenda! Keep going, and push hard!

If you are looking for other course options, I took an online genetics course through the University of Minnesota. It was challenging but do-able and was taught by the professor who wrote the book (Dr. Brooker). His philospohy was to understand genetics through understanding it from an experimental perspective. It took me a bit to “think” through a lab without getting to be inside a lab but I really did understand it well that way.

Hopefully you find a course that works for you! I went through something similar with biostatistics. Failure is not fatal.


http://onestop2.umn.edu/courseinfo/viewSearch Resul…

Thank you simonspop and debr.

I already registered for another online course here in New York and I like it so far.

This school in NY was my first choice before I sign up for the other school and I wonder why I went too far (West coast) to take genetics…oh I know my advisor recommended the other school and it was cheap. Now I’m convinced that cheap can sometimes be very expensive.

Thank you all.

Listen to all the advice you’re getting. It’s excellent. I’d like to echo two points.

As Gabe said, check you’re school’s policy on retakes. Some will replace the F. When I was an undergraduate both schools I went to (transferred after 3 years) had a policy that all sittings appear on the transcript but only the highest grade was calculated for your GPA. That said, the calculation itself won’t matter. Both AMCAS and AACOMAS will recalculate your GPA per their rules. Of course, AACOMAS does offer grade replacement in their calculations whether or not your school does.

And to raise what Vicki said, if you kill the retake this could work to your advantage. If this is a glaring red mark on an otherwise shiny application, you’re going to get asked about it. That gives you a great opportunity to talk about challenges, overcoming adversity, and ultimately success.

Thank you Fedaykin. There is no F replacement in that school. They told me that even if I retake it, both grades will appear in my transcript but only the second grade will count toward my GPA.

I do not want to retake it with them. Although I like the subject, I didn’t enjoy taking it in that school at all. The “F” was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m done with them.

Things happen but I know for sure that I can very easily kill the retake.