Fall schedule suggestions

Hey guys,

I could use some input for my Fall 2013 schedule. So far I have:

Orgo II

Orgo II lab


for a total of 9 credit hours. I’d like to add one more course but don’t want to overdo it, as I will be going into hardcore MCAT study mode at the same time. Any suggestions? Already will have taken Physics I & II, Bio I & II, microbio, A&P…



Make that my Fall 2012 schedule, not 2013.

It looks like a solid schedule. Perhaps, if you could switch Genetics for Cell Bio it “might” be better prep for the MCAT; however, it looks good regardless.

Will you continue Ochem (+lab) in the Spring as well? If not, Biochem (if you haven’t taken it already) would be a good follow up class. Likewise, it would serve as a good pre for the MCAT.

Good luck in your decision!

Thanks for the reply!

Since I’ll be taking orgo 2 and the lab in the fall, there’s no orgo follow-up after that. I will be taking biochem in the Spring and my school actually requires biochem as a co-req for cell bio so I plan to take that in the Spring as well.

Cell bio will be equally useful for the MCAT, no worse than genetics.