Falling short of the potential digital cutoff after a long post-bacc

hey all, I would love some advice. I will be 67 quarter credit hours (~50 semester credit hours) into my post-bacc when applications open, and I have been grinding my tail off to get everything ready for next cycle. I have maintained a 3.9 in my postbacc, with almost no science courses in undergrad, so my sGPA is ~3.6. I have been operating under the knowledge that as long as I maintain my post-bacc GPA, I will eek over a 3.0 (2.6 undergrad GPA from almost 10 years ago). But it hadn’t really clicked that I won’t be done with the classes I need, so I’ll be just under a 3.0. I have 2 more classes that need to be taken over the summer quarter.

I’m currently studying for the MCAT, and have gone from a 496 diagnostic to a 504 practice FL in a month and a half, and am not taking until April, so I’m feeling like I have a good chance there.

I know a lot of schools have digital cutoffs. Realistically, should I not put in an application next cycle due to being under a 3.0, or is 50 credits of a post bacc and a strong MCAT enough? I know we are more than stats, but I obviously don’t want to waste a bunch of money if I’m just going to be filtered out of every school.

*Sidenote: I am an EMT, so I have clinical hours, I volunteer at 3 different hospitals, have working experiences from the last 8 years, and some other smaller things, so I think the rest of my application is pretty well rounded and will focus a lot of energy on stronger essays.